A passion

for craftsmanship

The master pearler’s profession is of prodigious patience.
Not to mention that of the jeweller craftsman whose magnificent craft has become
so rare it is now considered as an artistic profession.

The craftsman is fascinated by the vaporous lustre Nature has bestowed on the finest pearls.
He contemplates its changing reflections replete with a thousand hues, he admires its lustre by holding it up to the light…
the passion is there, intense and subjugating.

The jeweller craftsman expresses all of his art and all of his emotion before these tiny miracles from the waters, that
demand a sense of perfection and tremendous dexterity. Cultured pearls are fragile teardrops from the sea that cannot
withstand the slightest error from the hand that touches them.

Cultured pearls and precious stones : a new form of poetry

Cultured pearls, ode to the sea goddess,
and precious stones, are the result of a prodigious
alchemy : the magic of Nature. Millions of
years are required to form a diamond deep
within the Earth’s mantle.

Then, one day, the precious gem bursts forth on
the Earth’s surface, borne by the fires of a volcano.
Diamonds of crystalline transparency are increasingly
rare and a number of legendary mines have even
disappeared already. The diamond’s rarity and
purity make it the perfect symbol of timeless love.

Pacôma has chosen this eternal stone
to symbolise the most beautiful feeling in its
collections. Precious stones, as the legendary
sapphire which has inspired tales and poems
all around the world, also enrich our jewellery
pieces with additional grace.

Ethics& High Quality

Respect of Seas and Oceans

Pacôma Paris makes a point of honor of selecting
its partners according to their sustainable
development respect. They cultivate the finest
pearls with the utmost care for the oceans’

The Master Stringers’ know-how

Pacôma pearl necklaces are made by masterstringers
with a high quality silk string. Silk respects
the organic matter of Pearls which reinforces the
jewel’s beauty and solidity.

Our Diamonds

Pacôma Paris undertakes to respect the ethical
norms in terms of supply. All our diamonds come
from legal sources, completely consistent with the
Kimberley Process Certification Scheme (KPCS)
defined by the United Nations. This vigilance
serves the fight against the trade in “conflict
diamonds” and ensures that diamond purchases
are not financing violence by rebel movements
and their allies seeking to undermine legitimate